The Shape of Things to Come: A Vision for Our Industry and Beyond

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Advertising and marketing are morphing before our eyes. 

Major technological and societal changes are driving the most revolutionary changes since the advent of digital.

GenZ consumers

Rapidly accelerating information flows and generational shifts in values are disrupting ingrained practices and pushing brands, agencies and publishers into a new realm—one where they all struggle to keep up with the speed, complexity and rising expectations of today’s consumer marketplace. 

Call us crazy, but we see endless opportunity in this chaos and change. 

From our perspective, this moment in time favors the companies who want to know themselves deeply and put their brands at the center of their business intelligence and all the actions they take in market.

We believe several key aspects will characterize this new realm:

  1. Real-time response — Brands and agencies will have an automated system to respond confidently in real-time to whatever arises every day—breaking news, social controversies, viral trends, cultural moments, etc.—big or small. 
  2. Seizing opportunities will be as important as avoiding risks — Automation will be tuned by AI to the complexities of how the brand sees the world. It will activate media or create insights to help the brand either take advantage of situations or sidestep them dynamically, giving them a major competitive advantage. 
  3. Authenticity and consistency — Brand values and how we measure their impact on the depth and strength of customer relationships will become as important as how we measure ROAS and ROI today. Consumers will regard the authenticity and consistency of a brand’s values as important as, or even more important than, the price of the brand’s products or services. 
  4. Brands embrace the power of their unique perspectives — They will become empowered to define themselves deeply and put their unique perspectives in market to achieve desired business outcomes and truly align with their consumers’ values. 
  5. Brands put their unique perspectives at the center of everything they do — Brands will centralize their defined “mentalities” to guide all their media activations and intelligence activities with the same conviction. Doing this will create a single source of truth for brands that serves as a touchstone for organizations’ employees, partners and solutions providers—much like Salesforce has become the source of truth for customer relationships today. 
  6. Intelligent contextual targeting — Automated AI-driven technology will use brands’ centralized perspectives to process myriad data sources to detect both targetable and undesirable content for media activations and other marketing and communications channels, allowing brands to fully own where and when their messages appear.
  7. Responsive creative — The same technology will prescribe and generate creative messaging and content that resonates with aligned audiences and situations.
Brand Mentality Center

We’ve brought our vision for this new realm to life through our revolutionary Brand Mentality® platform, which embodies the future in elements like:

  • Mentality Profile — The deepest, most comprehensive record of a brand’s perspectives and preferences, and the source of truth that drives all its marketing and media decisions. 
  • Anticipation Software® — Tech that leverages each brand’s mentality to: 
    • Identify the signals that matter the most from a massive, constant stream of data, 
    • Congregate all the top news, query responses, trends, and viral moments and 
    • Recommend immediate action for each.
  • SmartList Builder — Dynamic inclusion or block lists for YouTube at the video or channel level—at scale, on demand. 
  • Up-to-the-Moment Results — Results and insights relating to desired media KPIs—as well as proprietary new metrics that measure a brand’s anticipation performance, authenticity and alignment with consumers on values.

Soon, the platform will transform any data from marketing and intelligence technologies into immediate insights and prescriptive actions, all based on a brand’s unique mentality.

Learn more about this vision and the Brand Mentality platform throughout this website and download our white paper, The Next Ad/Marketing Paradigm is Here.

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