Sightly teams up with Project Morry to Host Impactful Career Day Workshop


Sightly Teams Up with Project Morry to Host Impactful
Career Day Workshop

September 15, 2021

Sightly recently partnered with New York-based Project Morry to host a virtual Career Day Workshop for the organization’s students. 

The event was organized by Sightly’s United Outcomes program co-chairs, Alena Pilichowski and Chris Howard to introduce the digital media industry landscape to students. One of the program’s goals is to uplift our community by creating opportunities for under-represented groups through youth education and engagement.

Project Morry logo

Project Morry was founded in 1995 to empower youth from under-resourced communities to envision and establish a positive future for themselves.

Beginning as a summer camp, Project Morry has evolved over time and is now a robust nine- year program that has helped hundreds of young people by providing year-round academic support as well as educational tools and resources.

Participating Sightly team members spoke about their career paths, roles and opportunities in the digital media industry. Sightly’s Product Manager, Aman Raghuvanshi, demonstrated the company’s new Brand Mentality™ platform, a groundbreaking technology that gives brands a competitive advantage through the ability to instantly respond in a consistent, authentic way to the constant, rapid changes in today’s media.

“Talking to the students from Project Morry was a great experience. They quickly grasped complicated concepts, asked astute questions, and seemed to really enjoy the interaction,” said Raghuvanshi.

Eric Beriguete, College and Career Readiness Program Director at Project Morry, explained, “The Sightly team was able to connect with our students, and show them the benefits of being creative, networking, and more, all while connecting it to the ample opportunities they will have available in the future.” 

One Project Morry student added, “I really enjoyed the session. I learned a great deal about Brand Mentality™. I also had the opportunity to hear some of the Sightly team’s college to career pathway experiences.

Image courtesy of Project Morry

As part of the United Outcome program’s long term commitment to create opportunities for under-represented groups, Sightly will continue to partner with Project Morry and other like-minded organizations to educate the youth through meaningful internships and mentorships.


So are we!

One Year Of United Outcomes: What Sightly’s Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Program Has Accomplished So Far


One Year Of United Outcomes: What Sightly’s Diversity, Equality, Inclusion Program Has Accomplished So Far

June 30, 2021

Belonging matters. It’s a term that took on new life in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death in May, 2020. In response to the Black Lives Matter movement that followed, Sightly employees and management felt a responsibility to not only support BLM but to take a stand with any group that is attacked because of its color, culture, religion, gender, sexual preference, etc.

We determined there were two areas where we could begin to make an impact: 

  • Emphasizing diversity in hiring and employee development practices and 
  • Developing relationships with programs/organizations that offer mentorship and internship opportunities for under-represented groups through youth education and engagement.
group of diverse inclusive employees

We felt this work was anti-racist and pro-inclusion, and it allowed for all members of our team to participate and share in the outcomes. This is how the Sightly United Outcomes (UO) program came to be—an organic program that arose in response to the BLM movement, with the encouragement of management.

Sightly is an outcome-obsessed company, and our focus on outcomes is central to our approach to diversity, equality, inclusion and positive change. We actively seek to uplift our community by creating opportunities for college students from under-represented groups in our industry through mentoring, internships, and sharing our experiences in speaking engagements and workshops. We look for ways to make an impact in the communities where we work—New York City, San Diego, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston.

This month, we celebrated our first  year of the United Outcomes program. Here are some highlights from the past 365 days.

Summer Bridge with United Activities

Summer Bridge is an internship program that provides low-income NYC students with experience in the tech industry. Student interns participate in workplace challenge projects over the course of three weeks, culminating in a virtual final workplace presentation to a panel of Sightly clients and Sightly Leaders.

“The Summer Bridge internship program was an incredible opportunity to teach young students about the many career paths within the tech industry,” said Kristlyn Lyons, Sightly’s VP of Business Development & Partnerships. “I really enjoyed seeing the students’ interests and passions shine through their work. There was an abundance of creativity, strategic thinking and teamwork that manifested during our time together.”

United Activities Unlimited

This program is meant to insure, transform, and empower individuals of all ages. United Activities provides comprehensive social services, educational supports, enrichment activities, prevention services counseling and workforce development training to an underserved community.

Work, Learn and Grow Program

Over the past year Sightly has worked with Work, Learn, and Grow, a New York City Council-funded initiative designed to build off of the experiences gained in the Summer Youth Employment Program. Work, Learn, and Grow provides participants of the 2020 Summer Bridge Program with career

NYC Dept of Youth & Community Development

readiness training and paid employment opportunities. Students, who must be between the ages of 16-19, go through real interview processes to find the right program.

Alena Pilichowski, Co-Chair of United Outcomes, hired a technology/data science intern through this program and oversaw his day-to-day progress. Of the experience, Alena affirms, “Participating in the Work, Learn, and Grow program was an amazing experience that mutually benefited our student participant, Kenny, as well as Sightly as a whole.

Through the program, Kenny gained invaluable career experience inclusive of a real interview process, onboarding, projects, and weekly check-ins, while Sightly had the privilege of having an incredibly bright young employee providing meaningful work on behalf of the company.”

The Boyd Initiative

The Boyd Initiative is designed to help young Black professionals discover careers in advertising and media. It teaches the fundamentals of media and advertising to participants and connects them with key personnel at some of the most influential companies in the world.

Through Sightly’s UO Program, we partnered with The Boyd Initiative to sponsor a teaching session at which several of our employees spoke about our roles and responsibilities and the career paths we’ve taken. 

From that experience, we hired an intern through the organization and provided practical experience in the industry. Our intern summed up her experience saying, “I wanted to work for a company that listens to the brand’s needs and goals and helps them grow with that intention in mind. I wanted to be impactful in a company, and I knew that my internship role would be important and valued.”

The Boyd Initiative

It’s through partnerships like the one with The Boyd Initiative that we hope to form meaningful connections that will lead to internship and full-time hire opportunities.

Project Morry

Project Morry empowers young people from under-resourced communities to envision and establish a positive future. Young people are given the tools to reach their full potential by access to improved opportunities and learning experiences through programs, such as the upcoming Career Day.

Project Morry

During the 90-minute Career Day session, Sightly members will discuss their backgrounds, roles, career journeys and any additional insights. It is meant to be entertaining for the students, while helping them to learn what part of the industry they might be the most interested in. 

Morry’s Camp was designed as a branch to the entire Project Morry. It was born out of Morry’s dream that all children should experience the gift of camp.

The program works with students through their entire high school career, then helping them apply to college and internships.

VAB IMPACT Diversity Leadership Summit

The VAB (Video Advertising Bureau) is an insights-driven research company dedicated to helping marketers make fully informed media decisions that solve business challenges and drive overall growth. It also provides a stage for new voices, diversity of thought and fresh perspectives with the ultimate goal of driving lasting change and inclusivity within our industry.

At the VAB’s recent IMPACT Diversity Leadership Summit, Marissa Price, Sightly’s SVP of Client Services and colleague Edwina Morales, Horizon Media’s Director of Multicultural Business Solutions joined together to discuss how our organizations approach diversity, inclusion, equality and belonging for employees—and for customers, through multicultural marketing.

VAB IMPACT Diversity Leadership Summit

“We love working with partners, such as Sightly, who drive towards solving diversity and inclusion industry needs across the media landscape,” said Morales. “And most recently and proudly to say, we worked with Sightly on a successful QSR partnership in reaching the Hispanic community. And it was really through the successful partnership that we understood the importance of brand mentality, as we looked to give our brands more control without having to make sweeping adjustments in the marketplace.”

Kamehameha Schools Virtual Student Internships

This summer, Sightly is partnering with Hawaii’s Kamehameha Schools’ Career Pathway Unit Work-Based Learning program to provide virtual summer internships for 

Kamehameha Schools

three college students interested in media/advertising industry careers through its Kāpili ‘Oihana Internship Program (KOIP).

Michele Ching, Sightly’s VP of West Coast Sales, is spearheading the project. Here’s how she describes our objectives: “Our greatest hope is that this internship experience gives Native Hawaiian students hands-on working experience that they can teach others—and grow to take a leadership role in sharing this with the rest of the industry in Hawaii.”

Upcoming Programs

Keep an eye on the In the News section of our website for announcements and updates about our United Outcomes initiatives, like this recent one about the internship program through The Boyd Initiative.

On a mission: Sightly’s United Outcomes joins forces with The Boyd Initiative to create mentoring and internship opportunities


On a mission: Sightly’s United Outcomes joins forces with The Boyd Initiative to create mentoring and internship opportunities

April 27, 2021

The Boyd Initiative Logo

When the mass protests of last spring and summer drew sharp attention to the issues of social injustice and inequality in our nation, the Sightly team felt it was important to commit formally and long-term to addressing them through ways in which we could make a meaningful impact in our industry and local communities.

The result was a new company program called United Outcomes. 

The purpose of the program is to uplift our community by creating opportunities for under-represented groups through youth education and engagement. We are also doing more to strengthen our diversity and inclusivity through our recruiting and retention practices. Our desired outcome is to help dismantle systemic racism through significant and long-term commitment.

In its initial research, United Outcomes identified an opportunity with The Boyd Initiative, a New York-based organization focused on bridging the gap between Black college students and the advertising and media industry. The Boyd Initiative is led by former Google and DataXu executive, Steven Golus, who is also an advisor to Sightly.

The Initiative helps students learn the fundamentals of media and advertising, and connect with influential employees at some of the top media companies in the world. 

“The Boyd Initiative is happy to partner with the Sightly team,” says Golus. “We are aligned with Sightly’s long-term mission to increase diversity in adtech and to make the industry more inclusive. Sightly has backed this commitment by connecting with and hiring Boyd Initiative participants. We look forward to working more closely with them in the future.”

Last September, Sightly sponsored a session where several employees talked to students about the types of roles and career paths in a marketing and media technology company like ours. That led most recently to hiring our first intern through the program for our product marketing team. Narklie Gervil is a junior from Cornell University, majoring in communication and double-minoring in business and information science.

The Boyd Initiative alumni

“I chose Sightly because the Brand Mentality mindset inspires me,” Gervil explained. “I wanted to work for a company that listens to the brand’s needs and goals, and helps them grow with that intention in mind. Furthermore, I want to have an impact at any company I work for, and I feel my internship role at Sightly will be important and valued.” Narklie’s overall goal is to gain skills and insight that she can apply to future career roles.

For our part, we will continue to create mentoring and internship opportunities for students through The Boyd Initiative and other like-minded organizations in alignment with our ongoing mission to help under-represented groups through youth education and engagement.


So are we!