Pharma Company Upneeq Gets 82% More YouTube Clicks Than The Average Video Engagement Campaign


Pharma Company Upneeq Gets 82% More YouTube Clicks Than the Average Video Engagement Campaign

Results lead brand to extended campaigns and increase budgets.

Pharma Company Upneeq Gets 82% More Youtube Clicks Than The Average Video Engagement Campaign


Upneeq, the only FDA-approved prescription eye drop for treating Acquired Ptosis, partnered with Sightly to: 

  1. Increase overall brand awareness and 
  2. Drive consumers to its site to educate them about how to treat the condition with their eye solution.  

The brand decided to target a couple key benchmarks:. 

  • Brand awareness, via a view rate KPI against the Sightly in-stream benchmark of 40%, and
  •  Driving consumers to the Upneeq website, via a clickthrough rate (CTR) KPI against the Sightly CTR benchmark of 0.11%.


We ran targeted YouTube skippable In-stream video ads for Upneeq’s core audience that prompted viewers to click through to its website to learn more about its eye drops for treating Acquired Ptosis.

Upneeq eyecare

Our strategy team built detailed custom audience profiles to target the most relevant group of potential consumers. 

  • Audience personas included users with interests in beauty, cosmetic procedures, and eye health topics. 
  • We layered demo targeting across all audience tactics to ensure relevance with messaging.


Upneeq label

Sightly was able to achieve: 

  • 60+% view rates, which increased steadily throughout the campaign. These view rates were 50% higher than the campaign benchmark of 40%. 
  • CTR of 0.20%, which surpassed the Sightly benchmark of 0.11% by 82%, indicating that potential consumers engaged with messaging and were willing to click to the homepage for further education.

Overall, the campaign’s strong performance led to incremental budgets and campaign extensions, allowing Sightly to: 

  • Reach even more of Upneeq’s niche target audience, 
  • Increase brand awareness even further, and 
  • Continue to implement rigorous creative and audience/device targeting optimizations that boosted efficiency more, 

all of which served to strategically promote consumer education around Upneeq’s product.

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