Brand Mentality-Guided TikTok Campaign Increases Consumer Consideration for Book Launch


Brand Mentality™
Guided TikTok Campaign Increases Consumer Consideration for Book Launch

Campaign drives awareness and increases consumer consideration of a new novel among young adult females.

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Identify the most effective platform and messaging for reaching the YA female audience and encouraging them to read the novel. 

Drive awareness and consideration of their newly published book among the target audience. 


The Brand Mentality™ Platform, AI-driven technology for activating a brand’s contextual preferences, real-time moment driven optimizations, desired outcomes, etc. at scale:

Scholastic TikTok Comments

1. Identified TikTok as the platform for best achieving the brand’s campaign goals because it boasts massive time spent by the younger audience.

2. Guided the selection of the boosted in-feed ad format to identify relevant young adult “BookTok” influencers to promote the book launch and create meaningful connections with potential consumers. 

3. Recommended using the TikTok Creator Marketplace product solution to research relevant influencers in the marketplace, navigate the communication and negotiation process with creators, and work with creators on content strategies, which proved to be a hands-on, multi-week process. 

Algorithms pointed to key TikTok creators/ influencers that our team vetted. Once the brand selected aligned creators, each produced two creatives promoting the new book. Both creators made unboxing videos of the package from the publisher, as well as videos reviewing the book. The brand then boosted all four creatives to increase reach and target the F13-24 audience. 


young adult female reader selecting book

The novel’s activation on TikTok was highly effective at driving engagement and reached over 1.2M unique users.  

  • Campaign was extremely efficient, coming in with a CPM that was 31% lower than contracted. 
  • Promoted four custom creatives, which achieved watch times well above TikTok’s average watch time of 1.8 seconds.
  • Authentic engagement between the influencers and potential consumers is demonstrated by the positive comments on all four creatives, on which users express their excitement and desire to purchase and read the book.

Campaign success is a testament to the Brand Mentality platform’s ability to pinpoint the best platform and strategy approach for the publisher, and Sightly’s ability to navigate the Creator Marketplace to foster creator partnerships that speak authentically to the target audience.

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