Major CPG Company Follows Brand Mentality™ Signals to TikTok Audience


Major CPG Company Follows Brand Mentality™ Signals to TikTok Audience

Top multinational beverage company expanded reach to TikTok and achieved a 61% lift in ad recall.

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Sightly’s Brand Mentality™ technology identified a strong audience-alignment opportunity on TikTok for its American multinational beverage company partner.

The team decided to run a test campaign with the primary KPI of brand awareness, as measured by ad recall via TikTok’s Brand Lift Study feature.


Sightly used the advanced analytics in its Brand Mentality™ platform to align signals from its expansive data stream with the brand’s business priorities and identified a specific TikTok content category as a strong fit for the brand and its message.

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We guided the brand through its first ever TikTok campaign.

The analysis used first party data to identify influencers and target specific creators that best aligned with the brand, its audience and the TikTok video topics.

Sightly distributed short form video creative featuring the TikTok influencers and timed the campaign for the period leading up to a promotional holiday for the brand’s category.



Increase in ad recall

A 61% increase in ad recall demonstrates success in reaching the desired nationwide audience, and is a strong indicator of large increases in awareness among the target demographic and interests.

Beyond the lift in ad recall, Sightly’s TikTok campaign generated a CTR of .59%, 24% above the TikTok benchmark. Females engaged with the ad more than males, a learning that will guide future strategies for the brand on TikTok and other scalable platforms.

Also, in looking at TikTok’s performance against other digital platforms, Sightly’s TikTok campaign was more cost efficient at driving clicks than three other paid media platforms.

Sightly’s approach, initiated by its Brand Mentality™ technology, allowed the brand to capitalize on trends and content in real time. The ability to identify a new ad platform, content category and influencers for expanding the brand’s reach led to significantly increased ad recall and valuable learnings.

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