Vita Coco Capitalizes on Viral TikTok Trends to Engage Audience

Top multinational beverage company uses Brand Mentality™ to drive viewers to Amazon product page.

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Vita Coco wanted to capitalize on viral TikTok trends to reach its target market in an exciting and eye-catching way, increase purchase intent and drive traffic to its Amazon product page.

The brand partnered with Sightly to harness the power of Brand Mentality™—Sightly’s proprietary platform that matches the latest trends with your brand’s custom opinions & content preferences—in order to effectively identify trends on TikTok and develop creative and distribution strategy at speed.


Sightly’s Anticipation Software™ monitors real-time trends across the digital landscape and filters them according to Vita Coco’s custom profile in our Brand Mentality™ platform.

Nature's Cereal post

It identified the Nature’s Cereal trend on TikTok, which was first introduced by @natures_food and popularized by Lizzo that involves users creating a meal of blueberries, strawberries, pomegranate seeds, and coconut water.

The platform identified the trend’s relevance to Vita Coco, and recommended action.

Within 24 hours of trend identification, the Sightly team was able to:

  • Provide strategic advisory and creative oversight
  • Launch Vita Coco’s own Nature’s Cereal promoted post on TikTok featuring its hero product, and
  • Include an “order now” CTA, which drove viewers to Vita Coco’s Amazon product page.

The content was boosted over a two-day flight to stay within the framework of fleeting TikTok trend relevance.


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Vita Coco’s trend-centric TikTok approach fueled by Brand Mentality™ was a huge success. (Read more about it in this recent Marketing Dive article.)

The campaign led to a .64% CTR (+35% above benchmark), indicative of an increase in purchase intent and site traffic to the brand’s Amazon product page.

The two-day flight also more than doubled the brand’s organic social following on TikTok and created a huge buzz with viewers.

Many of them commented on how quickly Vita Coco participated in the viral trend, a testament to the power of Brand Mentality™ and Sightly’s ability to monitor real-time trends and match them to any brand’s custom campaign needs.

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