Health Care CASE STUDY

Increasing awareness and reaching new patients

Sightly helped this national health care company use performance video to position themselves as the go-to hosptial with their target audience.


The client wanted to drive brand awareness, aiming to make themselves the go-to hospital among their target audience. The secondary goal was to increase patient volume, reaching their audience efficiently with relevant creative on high quality digital inventory.


Sightly worked with this health care company to breakdown their campaigns by branding and 10 separate service areas. This required over 850 campaigns in order to reach the correct audience in the most effective manner.

Sightly developed over ten unique buyer Personas using Google First Party data that were deployed at every stage of the consumer journey and leverage intelligent audience optimization over time.


We worked with the client to layer on our proprietary adtech and managed service solution, acting as an extension of their team.

The ED Service area drove the most conversions, 37 thousand website conversions were collected

Website conversions across over twelve thousand geo-locations (Cities, DMAs, Zip Codes, neighborhoods

Achieved 43% view rate



25-34 year-olds were 43% more likely to watch the entire ad


Audience retention was most successful in Las Vegas six out of ten people who viewed their ads completed the entire video


30 second creative was the best performing ad length with 8 out of 10 people viewing the ad to completion.

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