Data Science & Power Personas Drive Higher Dealership Visit Rate

Top multinational automaker achieved a dealership visit rate 545% above benchmark against their target multicultural audience.

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Reach the multicultural target audience and increase their dealership visit rate.

An American multinational automaker sought to increase dealership visits by multicultural audience of AA Males 35-54 that are in-market to purchase a vehicle across southern DMAs through a campaign supporting their popular pickup truck model.

The primary KPI of store visit rate for dealerships within the Dallas, Charlotte, Memphis, Houston and Raleigh DMAs was measured against the client’s historical rate of 0.11%.


Sightly used advanced analytics and proprietary algorithms via its innovative Outcome Intelligence Platform to fuse content signals and audience signals and drive more dealership visits.

Man at dealership

First, Sightly custom-built multicultural auto intender “power personas” to reach AA Males 35-54 within the Dallas, Charlotte, Memphis, Houston, and Raleigh DMAs who are in-market to purchase a vehicle.

Our algorithm also helped to identify other users who had the same characteristics of the in-market users, so we could target incremental AA Males 35-54 over the course of the campaign and scale this precision targeting at the geo-level to support the regional dealerships.

 Our content intelligence system identified music videos, football and auto & vehicles as categories that resonated most strongly with the target audience, further solidifying their profile of intent and allowing for optimization against audience passion points.

In total, Sightly performed more than 29,000 optimizations to ensure the campaign reached the target multicultural audience and achieved outcomes measured by the dealership visit rate KPI.



Higher store visit rate than the client’s historical average.

Through these rigorous data analyses and resulting optimizations, Sightly was able to achieve a store visitation rate of 0.71%—545% higher than the client’s average.

The success of this campaign in reaching the desired multicultural audience and driving them in store within specific DMAs demonstrates Sightly’s ability to reach a desired audience and use a rich data set, including audience data and content signals, to scale this approach and drive incremental store visitation.

These strong results speak to Sightly’s data science application and mastery of implementing complex targeting parameters to achieve desired business outcomes.

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