Connected TV Test Delivers Exceptional Brand Awareness Increase in Targeted DMAs

Living Room Campaign for Top International QSR Yields 98% Video Completion Rate, Surpassing KPI Benchmark

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Prove the effectiveness of connected TV (CTV) inventory for driving brand awareness in select locations.

A top international QSR brand wanted to explore a new channel for its media mix by running a qualified national campaign with key CTV publishers.

It determined that raising brand awareness was its desired outcome and that exceeding Sightly’s 95% Video Completion Rate benchmark—already a high baseline for success—was the KPI it would use to measure success.


Sightly designed a CTV campaign for the QSR that paired the advantages of programmatic, such as efficient pricing, audience and geo targeting, with a premium TV living room viewing experience.

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We tapped our diversified publisher base for those with channels and programming from a number of top content providers, including Sling TV and Pluto TV. We also selected specific DMA geo targets based on our assessment of delivery availability and restaurant locations to ensure we were reaching the target audience and not wasting impressions.



Video Completion Rate

Through our ability to reach a wide range of top publishers plus aggressive optimizations for audience parameters, time of day and day of week, Sightly was able to exceed the VCR KPI set for the test campaign. The overall VCR was 98%—or 103% of our aggressive 95% target.

We were able to more than maximize the QSR brand’s desired outcome of raising brand awareness and proved CTV’s viability for inclusion in its future media mix.

This strong campaign performance demonstrated Sightly’s ability to access premium living room inventory with highly effective targeting and deliver exceptional results.

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