In Absence of Age Targeting, Advanced Analytics Boosts Nielsen On-Target Score

Major financial institution complied with new Fair Lending Laws and still increased DAR score by 53% for consumer credit card campaign.

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Maintain the desired Nielsen DAR on-target performance historically achieved for the brand despite removing age targeting to comply with newly implemented Fair Lending Laws.

A top financial institution sought to optimize its consumer credit card campaign for Nielsen DAR on-target performance against their A25-54 target audience while abiding by newly imposed targeting restrictions.

Fair Lending laws now prevent financial institutions from discrimination against potential customers based on age, race or color, religion, national origin, sex, martial status, income, or handicap.

The implementation of these restrictions limited Sightly’s ability to target age ranges using a conventional targeting approach in order to achieve the desired DAR score benchmark of 38%.


Using advanced analytics and creative campaign management, Sightly explored alternative levers that could be adjusted to achieve an on-target percentage above benchmark for the A25-54 target audience. Multiple regression models were used to find variables that affect Nielsen DAR on-target performance.

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Some of the levers explored included ad formats, content targeting, funnel targeting and more to analyze which levers could be optimized to increase DAR performance.

Combinations of these data were analyzed at the line item level for incredibly granular assessments and optimizations.



Higher Nielsen DAR on-target rating than historical benchmark.

Sightly was able to improve the Nielsen DAR on-target rating over the course of the first quarter of 2020 through these continuous analyses, learnings and optimizations, and ultimately achieved a DAR on-target score of 58%, which was 53% above the brand’s historical benchmark.

The success of this campaign in reaching the A25-54 target audience while in compliance with updated Fair Lending Laws—i.e., without using age targeting—demonstrated both Sightly’s creative campaign management and the ability to utilize data science to solve complex targeting hurdles and expertly navigate nuances in campaign parameters.

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