Ad Personalization on YouTube Leads to Major Increase in Intent Signals

Major salon chain tests custom overlay on YouTube and sees 100% increase in intent signals as compared to standard video distribution.

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A major salon chain sought to notify existing customers and the targeted audience of Women 25-54 within the Denver DMA that their Denver locations were open for all services, as well as drive the targeted audience to the closest spa location following mandated periods of closure due to the coronavirus.

The Awareness KPI was measured via View Rate against the Sightly Instream benchmark of 40% and Bumper benchmark of 85%. Visitation intent was measured via CTR against the Sightly benchmark of 0.11%.


Sightly distributed In-stream and Bumper video ads on YouTube and implemented location extensions and ad personalization tactics to effectively engage the target audience.

Location extensions promote local business information to viewers that are near a salon with data such as address, phone number, hours, and more. Ad personalization was implemented with an overlay inclusive of the salon’s logo, and a custom CTA prompting consumers to click and find their nearest Denver location.

The overlay was implemented on ~50% of impressions to demonstrate the effect on intent signals. All custom overlays are built at Sightly in-house with complete customization and unlimited rounds of feedback.

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Custom audience profiles were built based on the salon’s CRM list to reach existing customers, as well as the targeted audience of Women 25-54 classified as Spa Enthusiasts or Custom Intent audiences. Profile creation based on audience characteristics, all informed by the awareness and intent KPIs, allowed Sightly to identify other users who

have the same characteristics of the in-market users and target incremental Women 25-54 over the course of the campaign and scale this precision targeting at the geo-level to support regional spa locations.



Increase in Intent Signals

Through rigorous optimizations, Sightly was able to achieve an Instream View Rate of 53%, 33% above benchmark, and a Bumper View Rate of 93%, 9% above benchmark, both indicative of an increase in awareness of the spa reopenings in the Denver DMA.

The overall campaign CTR was on par with Sightly’s benchmark, but consistent with studies demonstrating links between ad personalization and effectiveness, the video units with custom overlays performed 100% better than standard video alone. Specifically, Bumper ads with overlays performed 80% better than standard Bumper ads and Instream ads with overlays performed 116% better than standard Instream ads. This increase in performance shows the impact Ad Personalization can have on engagement metrics on YouTube, a unique and complimentary offering found only at Sightly.

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