Ad Customization & Dynamic Optimization Strengthens Links Between Brand and Hospital Locations

National Healthcare Brand’s Local “Linkage” Campaign Achieved 32% Higher Average View Rate Than Benchmark

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Reinforce the connection between our client’s brand and its physical hospital locations across three states.

As part of its full-funnel media approach, a national healthcare brand sought to connect its brand awareness messages with its physical hospital locations through video ads in California, Nevada, and Arizona.

The client elected the view rate KPI to determine campaign success, as it would measure both completed video views as well as engagement with the customized location overlays. This combination would indicate whether viewers effectively linked the brand message with their local hospital locations. The target view rate for the campaign was Sightly’s 30% YouTube TrueView view rate benchmark.


Ad Customization—Sightly customized the healthcare brand’s OLV creative with overlays for each hospital and then delivered those ad versions through YouTube Trueview inventory to audiences within each corresponding target geo.

Male doctor in hospital corridor

Dynamic Optimizations—During the campaign, Sightly executed 22,327 real-time, adaptive auction optimizations to achieve the view rate KPI while maintaining efficient pricing.

We made bid changes throughout the campaign as we learned how much the market and competitors were willing to pay. We also coordinated thousands of targeting adjustments to always ensure the most optimal mix of audiences, devices, locations, time series, topics, keywords, placements, and more.



Average view rate—32% greater than KPI target.

Our healthcare client’s local “linkage” campaign achieved an average view rate of 39.46%, which is 32% better than the target KPI (Sightly’s 30% benchmark), indicating that we reached the target audience within the correct context.

Sightly’s ability to deliver custom creative, dynamically optimized for the right audience and campaign parameters led to increased brand engagement, ensuring our client achieved their goal of linking their brand messaging with the audience’s affinities for their local hospitals.

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