Data Scientist


Data Scientist

Sightly is in an exciting stage of expansive growth! We are looking for an experienced Data Scientist to join our team! This role will work on the Data Science and Analytics team developing machine learning models, data science products and derived metrics.

Job Site: 133 West 19th Street, 7th Floor, New York, New York. 40 hours/week; If offered employment must have legal right to work in U.S.

Sightly is an equal opportunity employer.


  • Gather and analyze unique advertisement placement and performance data using Snowflake Data Warehouse.
  • Identify sources of bias from large data sets.
  • Utilize data science programming toolsets such as Python, Jupyter, or PyTorch to generate insights based on advertisement placements and performance data.
  • Build heuristics and models using REST APIs to quickly optimize advertisement campaigns.
  • Deploy and update machine learning models to a production environment.
  • Employ machine learning algorithms including tree models, SVM, and deep learning to yield Insights.
  • Utilize state of the art machine learning methods for natural language processing, video semantic segmentation, and clustering.
  • Communicate data requirements for the purpose of product development.


  • Bachelor’s degree (or foreign academic equivalent) in Mathematics, Accounting, Finance, Statistics, Economics, Computer Science, or related Engineering degree, and 2 years of experience in job offered or related.
  • Experience must include: developing statistical applications in Python; performing statistical analysis and generating statistical reports; and one year of experience in developing machine learning models.


Sightly is a marketing technology company that gives brands a major competitive edge through its groundbreaking Brand Mentality™ platform, which integrates each brand’s unique DNA with state of the art AI and NLP algorithms to identify specific signals from the rapidly changing events in today’s world—and respond instantly to avoid threats or seize market opportunities.

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Brand Mentality-Guided TikTok Campaign Increases Consumer Consideration for Book Launch


Brand Mentality™
Guided TikTok Campaign Increases Consumer Consideration for Book Launch

Campaign drives awareness and increases consumer consideration of a new novel among young adult females.

Library Books


Identify the most effective platform and messaging for reaching the YA female audience and encouraging them to read the novel. 

Drive awareness and consideration of their newly published book among the target audience. 


The Brand Mentality™ Platform, AI-driven technology for activating a brand’s contextual preferences, real-time moment driven optimizations, desired outcomes, etc. at scale:

Scholastic TikTok Comments

1. Identified TikTok as the platform for best achieving the brand’s campaign goals because it boasts massive time spent by the younger audience.

2. Guided the selection of the boosted in-feed ad format to identify relevant young adult “BookTok” influencers to promote the book launch and create meaningful connections with potential consumers. 

3. Recommended using the TikTok Creator Marketplace product solution to research relevant influencers in the marketplace, navigate the communication and negotiation process with creators, and work with creators on content strategies, which proved to be a hands-on, multi-week process. 

Algorithms pointed to key TikTok creators/ influencers that our team vetted. Once the brand selected aligned creators, each produced two creatives promoting the new book. Both creators made unboxing videos of the package from the publisher, as well as videos reviewing the book. The brand then boosted all four creatives to increase reach and target the F13-24 audience. 


young adult female reader selecting book

The novel’s activation on TikTok was highly effective at driving engagement and reached over 1.2M unique users.  

  • Campaign was extremely efficient, coming in with a CPM that was 31% lower than contracted. 
  • Promoted four custom creatives, which achieved watch times well above TikTok’s average watch time of 1.8 seconds.
  • Authentic engagement between the influencers and potential consumers is demonstrated by the positive comments on all four creatives, on which users express their excitement and desire to purchase and read the book.

Campaign success is a testament to the Brand Mentality platform’s ability to pinpoint the best platform and strategy approach for the publisher, and Sightly’s ability to navigate the Creator Marketplace to foster creator partnerships that speak authentically to the target audience.

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Director of Commercial Operations


Director of Commercial Operations

Sightly is looking for the best and the brightest to join our rapidly growing team. We’re proud of our industry defining work but we’re even prouder of the people behind it. That’s where you come in! Our work environment is fast-paced and entrepreneurial, and we always do whatever it takes to deliver exceptional results for our customers. Sightly is an equal opportunity employer.

We are seeking an experienced Director of Commercial Operations to join a new department. While our company continues to work remotely for the foreseeable future, this position is based in Sightly’s NYC office. This role reports to the EVP of Strategic Development.

Position Summary

This is a highly visible position within an organization experiencing explosive growth in the ad tech space. You will be at the center of contract development and the commercialization of the way Sightly engages with the marketplace.

Our groundbreaking Brand Mentality™ platform is continuously adding new features and solutions which requires commercial agreements to be maintained. You will be an integral part of this new commercial department and work alongside the EVP of Strategic Development to serve internal stakeholders and build a new system of working for the firm.

This is a unique opportunity to leverage attention to detail, contract writing, and people skills interacting across all departments at a marketing software start-up based in NYC and San Diego.


  • Own all contracts that flow through the firm
  • Serve as a conduit across all departments ensuring commercial deal points meet Sightly’s standards and objectives
  • Keep abreast of immediate competitive landscape and overall marketplace developments including pricing analysis that informs Sightly’s pricing
  • Foster new working relationships and synergies across people and business units
  • Cultivate greater transparency for the organization as it relates to commercial agreements
  • Guide and drive use of analytics data to impact Sightly’s overall business strategy
  • Produce and manage a process that enables quick decision making
  • Provide commercial analysis and insight for senior management
  • Perform revenue operations workflows such as managing Salesforce and optimizing how closed deals are communicated throughout the firm
  • Maintain and promote alignment of strategy – the ‘right’ thing to do and not just the ‘easy’ thing to do, unless they are the same
  • Attend industry events regarding legal and privacy communications developments, as necessary and as long as deemed safe during the COVID-19 era
  • Have fun


  • Have high integrity – if you do the right thing when no one is looking, then you have high integrity
  • Have a sense of humor – Contracts can be dry, but our squad is personable and fun
  • Have passion – Care and stand for something
  • Exceptional prioritization, time management skills, and executer attitude
  • Strong written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills with the ability to distill complex ideas into digestible language
  • Professional ability to write legal language in a wide range of contractual agreements
  • Moderate data literacy ie. understanding marketing data, media supply chain mechanics, and using analytics to shape contract evolution
  • Comfortable gathering and using data to develop insights and recommended actions
  • Ability to build trusted advisor relationship to management and other stakeholders throughout the firm
  • Sound judgment and discretion when dealing with highly confidential information
  • Salesforce experience
  • 7+ years of professional experience
  • 5+ years in the marketing field
  • 3+ years of contract analysis and writing

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CPG YouTube Campaign Guided By Brand Mentality™ Reaches Coveted Multicultural Audience


Brand Mentality-Guided CPG YouTube Campaign Reaches Coveted Multicultural Audience

Personal care brand runs innovative campaign to lift brand awareness and identify key influencers, as well as moments that matter.

Young woman moisturizing


A CPG Personal care brand wanted to reach multicultural consumers with brand messaging, in order to make their name top of mind for their target consumers on YouTube. 

The campaign aimed to reach the ideal multicultural consumers, so effective tactics were implemented and measured via brand lift study to identify lift in brand awareness among that target audience.


Sightly implemented a strategic combination of skippable and non-skippable units. Strategic implementation was to be guided by the brand’s Brand Mentality™, Sightly’s proprietary approach for implementing a brand’s contextual preferences, reactions to scenarios, desired outcomes, and more.

jars of moisturizer
  1. Created an extensive AA Influencer channel list of beauty, fashion and entertainment influencers that resonate with the target AA .
  2. In addition, created an extensive channel list targeted to Latina audiences on YouTube, to create a hyper relevant targeting base.
  3. Identified moments in real-time that represented the brand’s core values via the Brand Mentality™ profile. This included content around Black History Month and Women’s History Month.


moisturizer in palm

Extensive testing and hyper-relevant optimizations based on Brand Mentality resulted in a statistically significant brand lift, with 103K lifted users for awareness (+2.5% relative lift).

Beyond typical media measurement, the campaign also provided learnings about meaningful cultural moments that mattered and the influencers that resonated most with their audience. Top influencers included Cardi B, Saria Raine and Lil Uzi Vert.

The insights were twofold:

  1. There is an abundance of data that can be used to inform general business goals, targeting tactics, creative, and more.
  2. We learned more about the contextual relevance of influential content creators in the AA community.

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Vita Coco Capitalizes on Viral TikTok Trends to Engage Audience


Vita Coco Capitalizes on Viral TikTok Trends to Engage Audience

Top multinational beverage company uses Brand Mentality™ to drive viewers to Amazon product page.

TikTok creator dancing to the music


Vita Coco wanted to capitalize on viral TikTok trends to reach its target market in an exciting and eye-catching way, increase purchase intent and drive traffic to its Amazon product page.

The brand partnered with Sightly to harness the power of Brand Mentality™—Sightly’s proprietary platform that matches the latest trends with your brand’s custom opinions & content preferences—in order to effectively identify trends on TikTok and develop creative and distribution strategy at speed.


Sightly’s Anticipation Software™ monitors real-time trends across the digital landscape and filters them according to Vita Coco’s custom profile in our Brand Mentality™ platform.

Nature's Cereal post

It identified the Nature’s Cereal trend on TikTok, which was first introduced by @natures_food and popularized by Lizzo that involves users creating a meal of blueberries, strawberries, pomegranate seeds, and coconut water.

The platform identified the trend’s relevance to Vita Coco, and recommended action.

Within 24 hours of trend identification, the Sightly team was able to:

  • Provide strategic advisory and creative oversight
  • Launch Vita Coco’s own Nature’s Cereal promoted post on TikTok featuring its hero product, and
  • Include an “order now” CTA, which drove viewers to Vita Coco’s Amazon product page.

The content was boosted over a two-day flight to stay within the framework of fleeting TikTok trend relevance.


tiktok viewer comments

Vita Coco’s trend-centric TikTok approach fueled by Brand Mentality™ was a huge success. (Read more about it in this recent Marketing Dive article.)

The campaign led to a .64% CTR (+35% above benchmark), indicative of an increase in purchase intent and site traffic to the brand’s Amazon product page.

The two-day flight also more than doubled the brand’s organic social following on TikTok and created a huge buzz with viewers.

Many of them commented on how quickly Vita Coco participated in the viral trend, a testament to the power of Brand Mentality™ and Sightly’s ability to monitor real-time trends and match them to any brand’s custom campaign needs.

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