take your brand to a whole new level

Take your business to a whole
new level with

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The revolutionary anticipation platform driving media activation and
business intelligence

Full-Service Platform & Activation

Full Brand Mentality™ platform onboarding and support
Creation of your Mentality profile—the linchpin for all your marketing & media decisions
Integration of your target personas into additional Mentality profiles
AI-updated dashboard 3x daily with moments that matter most and recommended actions
Real-time article, keyword and video lists for each moment that matters to your brand
Downloadable, on-demand SmartList inclusion and block lists
All standard Intelligence questions and queries, plus unlimited custom questions and queries
Real-time reports with metrics that measure authenticity, opportunities seized & crises averted
Strategic advisory and professional services
Comprehensive, hands-on media activations, optimizations and insights
Custom creative updates & overlays based on Brand Mentality™ learnings
New platform or CRM integrations exclusive to your brand

Your Sightly Media Activation team is expert at turning your Brand Mentality™ signals into action across multiple channels.

We are seasoned strategists, campaign builders, optimizers and storytellers. 

We are a long-time Premier Google Partner and member of the exclusive YouTube Measurement Program, certified for brand suitability and contextual targeting. 

With many years of exceptional media campaigns, we provide uncommon experience and expertise to maximize your outcomes in YouTube and throughout the Google stack.

We employ direct-to-publisher connected TV/OTT tech that enables linear, live, VOD and in-app efficiency at scale. 

Our success in live streaming video and Esports channels affords ways to align your brand with coveted consumers through sponsorships, social extension and picture-in-picture ads on Twitch and YouTube.

 As early adopters of TikTok advertising and its Creator Marketplace, we can find and manage influencers that align with your brand and produce big wins like this one.

Our expertise goes beyond video to encompass social, display and search so we can activate your Brand Mentality signals across channels like Twitter, Meta, Snap, Waze, DV360 and Google

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