Why, When, and How to Strategically Lean Into Controversy

Amber Heard - Johnny Depp trial
shadows of protesters

Controversial issues are not new. But how should brands react when a controversy arises? Should they duck controversies altogether? Or should they leverage it smartly?

In this article, Robert Helstrom, SVP of marketing, Sightly, discusses how brands should handle controversies.

"We as a society today are no strangers to polarizing subjects. Witness the recent drama around the war on Ukraine, Joe Rogan and Spotify, gun control vis-a-vis mass shootings, and even the recently concluded Johnny Depp/Amber Heard courtroom saga, just to name a few. All of which begs an important question: how should brands react when controversy arises? We often see a knee-jerk reaction by brands who block content or pull their ads from programming or specific channels for safety reasons. But is it always the right strategic move to duck controversy wholesale?" 

Read the full article in Spiceworks News & Insights (formerly Marketing Toolbox).

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