Why brand authenticity still matters in the metaverse

Metaverse VR virtual reality game playing

Thinking about planting your brand’s flag in the metaverse?

Here’s why you should be prioritizing your brand’s identity, values and reason for entering the Web3 space.

Sightly’s Chief Revenue Officer and GM, Adam Katz, explains how big brands have begun strategizing about how to market in the metaverse.

Initially, they are adapting their existing brand identities to new virtual marketplaces.  

"If brands jump in too quickly, without developing a strategy for retaining their brand identity, they risk embarrassment and a loss of trust among their audiences. Brands that stay true to their core values and that deeply understand their own reasons for becoming involved with Web3, however, may be able to find their unique path into the virtual, decentralized realm."

Read the full article in The Drum Modern Marketing.

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