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Tech Talks Daily Podcast Episode 1969

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Join host Neil C. Hughes and Sightly’s SVP of Marketing, Robert Helstrom, in a lively discussion about how brands can embrace authenticity while maximizing their outcomes in today’s chaotic, rapidly accelerating media landscape.

The Tech Talks Daily Podcast is a program where you can learn and be inspired by real world examples of how technology is transforming businesses and reshaping industries in a language everyone can understand.

Speaking on the changes occurring today in advertising and marketing, Helstrom said:

The challenge is that there appears to be kind of this feeling that there’s an either/or proposition of ‘show me the money’ or ‘do the right thing.’ And we feel like there’s a way to do both, that there’s a middle road there that we’re focused on where doing the right thing actually helps show you the money. Because if you are aligned with your consumers on values, as these studies are starting to show, it’s going to translate into purchasing. And I think this will continue, this trend will continue.

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