The AdCast Podcast 69 – Effectively Lean Into Controversy, with Adam Katz of Sightly

The AdCast Podcast with Eric Elliott

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With the ongoing conversation around gun control, the Supreme Court’s decision on Roe v. Wade, the war in Ukraine and even the recently concluded Johnny Depp/Amber Heard civil trial, brands are under more pressure now than ever to respond to current events quickly and have the “right” opinion. Today, it’s difficult for many brands to keep up, and hasty responses often leave their authenticity hanging in the balance.

Adam Katz, is the Chief Revenue Officer of Sightly®, which uses data science and predictive algorithms to help brands anticipate the unexpected, and lean into hot-button issues effectively.

In this Episode, AdCast Podcast host Eric Elliott and Adam discuss how and when brands should lean into tentpole moments, how Sightly’s Brand Mentality™ platform uses state of the art AI and NLP algorithms to ensure brands avoid threats and seize market opportunities, the power of Real-Time Marketing, the practicality of AI in today’s overwhelming information barrage, and much more.

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