Supporting the #cancelcovid Movement through Connected TV

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Sightly Works With Allen & Gerritsen Boston on PSA Initiative

This week we launched a pro bono video advertising campaign on premium connected TV publishers in support the #cancelcovid movement.

CancelCovid [] is a nonprofit organization set up to increase social awareness and help unintentional “silent spreaders” self-identify and self-isolate based on the key COVID-19 symptom of anosmia, the complete loss of sense of smell.

Derek Welch, VP Media at Allen & Gerritsen Boston, brought the awareness initiative to our attention and asked for our support. “With cases rising in more than 30 states we need to rally together to raise awareness among those spreading the virus, our younger cohorts.”

“We immediately jumped on the opportunity to contribute our services to this movement,” said Danielle Romano, Sightly’s Boston-based account executive. “We’re proud to sponsor this campaign and help raise awareness to reduce the spread of COVID-19 during this difficult time for many families and businesses.”

Sightly’s connected TV campaign featuring CancelCovid’s 18-second PSA video started July 8 and runs through July 19 on publishers like FuboTV, VUDU and OutsideTV. See screen shots from the PSA below.

#cancelcovid PSA screen shots
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