Sightly Team Mentors NYC Youth Through
Summer Bridge Marketing Challenge

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Program Provides City’s Neediest Young Adults with Valuable Work Experience

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New York City’s annual Summer Youth Employment Program was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic this year, but leaders from the City, State and more than 50 nonprofits came together with Tech:NYC to create a new program to fill the gap.

Summer Bridge is providing low-income NYC students with City and State-funded professional workplace experiences in the tech industry and beyond, and Sightly has jumped in to mentor eight students throughout August.

“Our team is guiding the students through a marketing course that teaches basics about digital video advertising through YouTube, TikTok, Live Streaming and connected TV,” said Alena Pilichowski, Sightly’s Associate Director of Product Marketing and Committee Chair of our United Outcomes diversity and social responsibility program.

“We’ve pulled together a great internal group of cross-functional experts who love teaching,” added Sightly CRO and General Manager, Adam Katz. “We want to increase our diversity as a company, and mentorship programs like this not only allow us to help develop young people with a passion for marketing, they give students an opportunity to work with us and maybe spark an interest in joining our team some day.”

The second part of the Summer Bridge program is where the students get to use the knowledge they’ve gained to solve four major brands’ media challenges and create marketing proposals for them under the tutelage of Sightly mentors.

Students will then present their proposals for feedback and additional insights to a panel of agency, brand and Sightly veterans.

According to Ralph Mack, CEO of Sightly, participating in Summer Bridge aligns well with the company’s new United Outcomes program, which focuses on developing internships and mentorships, as well as creating more diversity and inclusion in hiring. 

Mack explained, “We feel that providing training, mentorship and work opportunities for Black and minority youth in the marketing technology industry is something we are well-suited for and want to do regularly as a way to give of our time and expertise.”

Participating in Summer Bridge and establishing United Outcomes are deliberate initiatives to practice antiracism and spread positivity in the communities where the company works and lives. Sightly embraces its social responsibility, and its employees are all in, driving these initiatives and supporting them with their individual commitments.

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