Sightly Joins YouTube Measurement Program

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Company Expands Contextual and Audience Targeting Expertise for YouTube Advertisers

New York, NY: Sightly Enterprises, Inc. today announced that YouTube has selected the company for its YouTube Measurement Program (YTMP). This partnership gives Sightly expanded API access to data that fuels rich contextual targeting for YouTube advertisers. 

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“Membership in the YTMP boosts our ability to maximize advertisers’ desired outcomes across YouTube,” says Greg Garunov, Sightly’s SVP Business Development & Marketing Strategy. “We’ve been a big proponent of YouTube advertising from the beginning and this move greatly strengthens our long-standing focus on the network.”

Benefits of this expanded partnership for Sightly’s YouTube advertisers include:

  • Enhanced Google training and resources, technical support and product tools
  • Context-based persona targeting
  • New metrics that help advertisers target content that is most likely to produce desired reach, branding or action outcomes

Marketers are looking to answer two primary questions with their advertising–is the environment appropriate for my brand and is it going to drive results? Sightly’s inclusion in the YouTube Measurement Program will accelerate the ability to answer these questions while providing best in class media execution, optimization, and analytics services.

“This is a major advantage for all of Sightly’s clients,” says Adam Katz, Chief Revenue Officer & General Manager of Sightly. “We’ve enjoyed our partnership with Google for a long time now. Google’s expanded YTMP program will provide Sightly and its clients the ability to drive outcomes in the right content even further through innovative technology and products.”

Sightly continues to hire and invest in data science and product development to drive value for marketers leveraging Google’s toolsets; their investment over the past decade in its platforms and data has fueled Sightly’s ability to over-deliver on performance and service for clients.

A continued focus on quality and transparency is critical to win in today’s marketplace. Sightly is well positioned to provide clients with the quality they are looking for in a transparent manner.

About Sightly: As a Premier Google Partner, Sightly enables advertisers to deliver video ads to the most receptive viewers on the most trustworthy, desirable video destinations. We provide the knowledge, transparency and expertise needed to exceed performance goals.

By leveraging customer profile, location, search, and contextual data, we place our advertisers’ messages in the most relevant content at the moments that matter to drive outcomes.

See official news release here.

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