How the Creator Economy is Redefining Advertising

creator economoy

As published in MarTech Series, October 21, 2021

MarTech Series article

Kristlyn Cassidy (Lyons), Sightly’s VP of Business Development & Partnerships, shares the blueprint in her MarTech Series article for how brands and agencies can take advantage of the creator economy, especially on TikTok.

“The creator economy is valued at $100 billion, and continues to grow. Of the estimated 50 million content creators, just 2% are professionals.”

“The remaining 49 million are people who simply have something to say and are adept at leveraging readily available tools — cameras, microphones, editing software — to produce top notch content. Their wit, quirky passions, and ability to create content at breakneck speed have accelerated the pace of advertising, and rewritten its rules.”

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