AI Digital and Sightly’s Strategic Partnership Unleashes the Key to Brand Safety


Published in AdMonsters July 28, 2023

“Optimize your programmatic campaigns with real-time insights, cultural relevance, and authentic responses to emerging trends.

Brands know how crucial it is to differentiate themselves and ensure brand safety, and with a new partnership on the table between AI Digital and Sightly, both are easily attainable. This new collaboration brings together each company’s buy-side tools and strengths to provide endless outcomes.

One big benefit from this partnership is that it addresses brand safety, allowing AI Digital to discern which news and content fit a marketer’s campaign best, keeping responsible journalism in mind, and resonating better with audiences. This elevates better consumer experiences and drives consumer actions.

By combining AI Digital’s programmatic expertise with Sightly’s Brand Mentality® platform-driven moments intelligence, advertisers gain access to valuable insights about consumer behavior, enabling real-time responses to emerging trends and cultural conversations.

Learn more about this collaboration from our discussion with Stephen Magli, CEO and founder of AI Digital….”

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