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Data Science is Also an Art

Much like Sherlock Holmes, Sightly’s data science team amasses and processes data from many sources— media platform APIs, social networks, news APIs and third party measurement partners like DoubleVerify, Nielsen, IAS, etc.

We make bricks from that clay by analyzing it, finding the clusters, patterns and connections to provide deep insights, recommend settings and make optimizations that anticipate the unexpected, maximize your media outcomes and align your Brand Mentality™ at speed.

Machine Learning

Intelligence & Recommendation Engine

Sightly’s data scientists perform advanced analytics using machine learning algorithms that create connection points between disparate data to identify the most optimal ways to drive your outcomes and align your Brand Mentality™.

We develop and train algorithms to fuel many of our innovative outcome intelligence-focused technologies including our content intelligence & recommendation engine predictive social listening tool.

Anticipation Board
Anticipation Board

Applied Third Party Partner Data​

Maximize Your Desired Outcomes

Other key sources for our data science team are the third party measurement partners that we integrate with your campaigns to provide additional depth and dimension to your campaign performance and reporting.

Much of these data as well as the metrics we derive from them contribute to Sightly’s reports and dashboards, both in-flight and post-campaign wrap-up.

Analysis of third party data and derived metrics such as Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings on-target score and DoubleVerify In-Geo Rate also drive targeting and spend optimizations to maximize your desired outcomes.

Derived Metrics

Spotlight Results

We create many metrics derived from other metrics and report data to amplify and clarify performance, brand suitability and other qualities of your campaigns that drive towards maximizing your targeted outcomes.

Some examples include premium brand suitability signals like our Advanced Kids Content Classifier and 4As Floor Protector metrics.

Others include the scores of custom KPIs that we’ve derived from YouTube and third party partner data to spotlight the results that matter the most for your campaigns.

Data Privacy & Compliance

Sightly follows GDPR and CCPA standard practices in avoiding the use of private personal data for ad targeting itself.

We also vet the platforms and networks we use to ensure their stated compliance
 with industry standards regarding personal data and privacy.

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