Sightly Team Mentors NYC Youth Through Summer Bridge Marketing Challenge


Sightly Team Mentors NYC Youth Through
Summer Bridge Marketing Challenge

August 20, 2020

Program Provides City’s Neediest Young Adults with Valuable Work Experience

New York City’s annual Summer Youth Employment Program was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic this year, but leaders from the City, State and more than 50 nonprofits came together with Tech:NYC to create a new program to fill the gap.

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Summer Bridge is providing low-income NYC students with City and State-funded professional workplace experiences in the tech industry and beyond, and Sightly has jumped in to mentor eight students throughout August.

“Our team is guiding the students through a marketing course that teaches basics about digital video advertising through YouTube, TikTok, Live Streaming and connected TV,” said Alena Pilichowski, Sightly’s Associate Director of Product Marketing and Committee Chair of our United Outcomes diversity and social responsibility program.

“We’ve pulled together a great internal group of cross-functional experts who love teaching,” added Sightly CRO and General Manager, Adam Katz. “We want to increase our diversity as a company, and mentorship programs like this not only allow us to help develop young people with a passion for marketing, they give students an opportunity to work with us and maybe spark an interest in joining our team some day.”

Sightly Summer Bridge Program Mentors

The second part of the Summer Bridge program is where the students get to use the knowledge they’ve gained to solve four major brands’ media challenges and create marketing proposals for them under the tutelage of Sightly mentors.

Students will then present their proposals for feedback and additional insights to a panel of agency, brand and Sightly veterans.

According to Ralph Mack, CEO of Sightly, participating in Summer Bridge aligns well with the company’s new United Outcomes program, which focuses on developing internships and mentorships, as well as creating more diversity and inclusion in hiring. 

Mack explained, “We feel that providing training, mentorship and work opportunities for Black and minority youth in the marketing technology industry is something we are well-suited for and want to do regularly as a way to give of our time and expertise.”

Participating in Summer Bridge and establishing United Outcomes are deliberate initiatives to practice antiracism and spread positivity in the communities where the company works and lives. Sightly embraces its social responsibility, and its employees are all in, driving these initiatives and supporting them with their individual commitments.


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Sightly Supports YWCA Chicago’s Until Justice Just Is Initiative with YouTube Ads


Sightly Supports YWCA Chicago’s Until Justice Just Is Initiative with YouTube Ads

July 16, 2020

Company’s Pro Bono Campaign Drives Increased Awareness for Anti-Systemic Racism Effort

Sightly is running a month long digital video awareness campaign through YouTube in the Chicago market during July to support YWCA Metropolitan Chicago’s Until Justice Just Is initiative. 

According to Chandni Shah, Media Strategy Director at VSA Partners, YWCA Metropolitan Chicago’s agency, Until Justice Just Is introduces the organization’s new Racial Justice League, a powerful extension of its core mission to eliminate racism and empower women. 

Shah explained, “The Racial Justice League gives individuals and corporations actionable items for real change, and YWCA Chicago hopes it will radically reposition the conversation around corporations as mechanisms for social good.” 

“As ardent supporters of Black Lives Matter, we are proud to sponsor this campaign and help YWCA Chicago spread awareness of Until Justice Just Is and the Racial Justice League,” said Daniel Pineda, Sightly’s Chicago-area account executive. “Our company stands against systemic racism and appreciates the opportunity to contribute our services to support these causes.”

Sightly’s YouTube campaign features six-second bumper video ads for custom personas we created to reach people whose interests and affinities include social issues, advocacy for social justice and anti-racism, causes like Black Lives Matter, consumers of Chicago area media and nonprofit donors. See the full Until Justice Just Is video and take the pledge here.


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BSI Certifies Sightly’s Adam Smith as Brand Safety Officer


BSI Certifies Sightly’s Adam Smith as Brand Safety Officer

July 15, 2020

Company’s Director of Analytics Earns Brand Safety Institute Certification

Sightly is pleased to announce the Brand Safety Institute has named Adam Smith, our director of analytics and data science, a Certified Brand Safety Officer after he successfully completed its extensive brand safety education program.

The program included ten modules covering topics ranging from Ad Fraud to Malware in the Digital Ad Supply Chain.

It was developed with the help of BSI’s Board of Advisors, which includes a number of industry leaders from organizations like IAB, NBC Universal, Horizon, GroupM, Dentsu, BofA and Adobe.

This increases Sightly’s access to key brand safety figures in the advertising industry, with whom we can share developments for feedback and guidance. Adam said, “This is a natural step for us. To date we have used machine learning, data science, and natural language processing to: 

  • Identify patterns of comment behavior indicative of unsafe content for kids
  • Classify YouTube videos as clean or unclean using description, tag, and comment data
  • Curate lists of brand suitable channels and videos for specific brand requirements, down to the keyword level
  • Flag content as likely aimed toward an under 18 audience
  • Determine what type of creator made a piece of content (influencer, brand, aggregator, etc)
  • Curate an evolving keyword exclusion list that reacts to media conversation trends, and
  • Develop a system to monitor, grow, and prune inclusion lists over time to take advantage of trends and the changing brand safety landscape.”

We’ve already integrated Adam in his new advisory capacity as our Brand Safety Officer into campaign workflows from pre sales planning through execution and optimization strategies. 

“Adam has brought immense value to our customers and partners,” said Ryan Vaspra, Sightly SVP, Media Strategy & Analytics, who oversees our Data Science function. “His growth over the past 16 months to become a company thought leader in data privacy, brand suitability and brand safety is a great achievement.” 

Brand safety and data science are closely aligned at Sightly, with advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms fueling the brand suitability and content intelligence systems we are developing and our ongoing innovation as a YouTube Measurement Program member.


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Supporting the #cancelcovid Movement through Connected TV


Supporting the #cancelcovid Movement through Connected TV

July 10, 2020

Sightly Works With Allen & Gerritsen Boston on PSA Initiative

This week we launched a pro bono video advertising campaign on premium connected TV publishers in support the #cancelcovid movement.

CancelCovid [] is a nonprofit organization set up to increase social awareness and help unintentional “silent spreaders” self-identify and self-isolate based on the key COVID-19 symptom of anosmia, the complete loss of sense of smell.

Derek Welch, VP Media at Allen & Gerritsen Boston, brought the awareness initiative to our attention and asked for our support. “With cases rising in more than 30 states we need to rally together to raise awareness among those spreading the virus, our younger cohorts.”

“We immediately jumped on the opportunity to contribute our services to this movement,” said Danielle Romano, Sightly’s Boston-based account executive. “We’re proud to sponsor this campaign and help raise awareness to reduce the spread of COVID-19 during this difficult time for many families and businesses.”

Sightly’s connected TV campaign featuring CancelCovid’s 18-second PSA video started July 8 and runs through July 19 on publishers like FuboTV, VUDU and OutsideTV. See screen shots from the PSA below.


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Sightly Joins YouTube Measurement Program


Sightly Joins YouTube Measurement Program

April 20, 2020

Company Expands Contextual and Audience Targeting Expertise for YouTube Advertisers

New York, NY: Sightly Enterprises, Inc. today announced that YouTube has selected the company for its YouTube Measurement Program (YTMP). This partnership gives Sightly expanded API access to data that fuels rich contextual targeting for YouTube advertisers. 

“Membership in the YTMP boosts our ability to maximize advertisers’ desired outcomes across YouTube,” says Greg Garunov, Sightly’s SVP Business Development & Marketing Strategy. “We’ve been a big proponent of YouTube advertising from the beginning and this move greatly strengthens our long-standing focus on the network.”

Benefits of this expanded partnership for Sightly’s YouTube advertisers include:

  • Enhanced Google training and resources, technical support and product tools
  • Context-based persona targeting
  • New metrics that help advertisers target content that is most likely to produce desired reach, branding or action outcomes

Marketers are looking to answer two primary questions with their advertising–is the environment appropriate for my brand and is it going to drive results? Sightly’s inclusion in the YouTube Measurement Program will accelerate the ability to answer these questions while providing best in class media execution, optimization, and analytics services.

“This is a major advantage for all of Sightly’s clients,” says Adam Katz, Chief Revenue Officer & General Manager of Sightly. “We’ve enjoyed our partnership with Google for a long time now. Google’s expanded YTMP program will provide Sightly and its clients the ability to drive outcomes in the right content even further through innovative technology and products.”

Sightly continues to hire and invest in data science and product development to drive value for marketers leveraging Google’s toolsets; their investment over the past decade in its platforms and data has fueled Sightly’s ability to over-deliver on performance and service for clients.

A continued focus on quality and transparency is critical to win in today’s marketplace. Sightly is well positioned to provide clients with the quality they are looking for in a transparent manner.

About Sightly: As a Premier Google Partner, Sightly enables advertisers to deliver video ads to the most receptive viewers on the most trustworthy, desirable video destinations. We provide the knowledge, transparency and expertise needed to exceed performance goals.

By leveraging customer profile, location, search, and contextual data, we place our advertisers’ messages in the most relevant content at the moments that matter to drive outcomes.

See official news release here.

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