5 Ways You Can Produce High-Value Insights About Any Viral Moment for Use in Your Paid Media and Marketing


By Elizabeth Shevins, Jordan Horne and Robert Helstrom

Do you find yourself grappling with how to respond to viral moments quickly and correctly? You’re not alone. The mayhem that is today’s advertising and marketing landscape is a constant challenge and probably has you asking questions like:

  • Should you pause your campaigns? 
  • Which new keywords should you block and how do you avoid going too broad?
  • Does the moment present a powerful opportunity to connect with your audience, and when is it best to do that? 

When breaking news or viral moments gain traction, they generate ripples in the public consciousness — sometimes even shock waves — that create both opportunities and pitfalls for your brand. You need a way to effectively manage the energy of these moments without misstepping.

Here are five ways to identify emerging moments, quickly assess them and guide your narrative or take action, using the intelligence and tools found in the Brand Mentality® platform. We’ve used the early days of the Hamas-Israel war to provide some examples throughout.

  1. Identify and Assess Real-Time Moments at Speed

By customizing real-time dashboards to surround moments as they emerge, you can follow specific segments of news, focus monitoring and enable swift, targeted activations based on the evolving narrative. Gain a holistic understanding of the situation as it unfolds and empower your brand with up-to-date insights.

For in-depth analysis, you can create strategically segmented boards to categorize a constantly updated news stream by geographic location, public sentiment, or cultural and political developments, for example. 

This granular approach enables nuanced understanding and informed decision-making.

(BTW, this platform gathers 500,000 news articles, 18,000,000 videos and tens of thousands of social comments every day.)

  1. Analyze Moments Over Time

Using Brand Mentality’s Moment Intelligence tool, you can chronologically track events, gauging the ebb and flow of global conversations. This allows for timely interventions and campaign adjustments in tune with evolving narratives.

You can also dissect moments’ lifecycles and gain valuable insights for future media/marketing activations and strategies.

  1. Deepen Your Understanding and Inform Decisions with Contextual Analysis

Understanding the contexts in which moments evolve gives you a comprehensive view of their risks and opportunities.

By using the boards and other tools in the platform, this analysis helps you delve deeper, understanding the differing sentiments surrounding a given moment as they surface, enabling you to make better, faster decisions, and align your messaging and placements with the underlying nuances that resonate most authentically with your audiences.

  1. Track Top Influencers and Celebrities: The Bellwethers of Public Sentiment

Public figures can amplify, reshape and even create viral moments. Their reactions to significant events serve as a barometer for your audience’s feelings, providing potential implications for your brand and enabling your team to respond with timely, empathetic, and resonant communications.

By monitoring celebrities’ and influencers’ responses through the lens of your brand’s own unique perspective, you can gauge the general sentiment and respond authentically by either aligning your messaging with or challenging the dominant narrative.

  1. Follow Social Sentiment Throughout the Moment Lifecycle

Compare social sentiment around key figures or other components of an emerging moment, such as teams, issues, organizations, geo locations such as countries, regions, etc.  Real-time data is invaluable. By analyzing shifts in social sentiment after significant milestones, brands can proactively tailor their campaigns to either capitalize on positive sentiments or mitigate negative ones.

In this example surrounding events early in the Israel-Hamas conflict, President Biden’s October 10 remarks led to a 17.81% improvement in sentiment, suggesting a positive public response to his voicing unequivocal support for Israel. 

In contrast, Donald Trump’s October 11 comments criticizing Israel resulted in a substantial drop of 170% from October 11 to 12  in sentiment.

Unlock Marketing and Paid Media Activation Potential

Real-time marketing isn’t just about timely messaging. It’s about the authentic and consistent engagement of your brand with your audiences in the places that matter at the moment that matter. 

With insights on emerging and prevailing trends, brands can tailor their social, search and email marketing, as well as their PR and paid media targeting, placement and brand safety/suitability across channels to achieve maximum ROI.

Every viral moment presents a unique challenge or opportunity for marketers and media pros. With tools like the Brand Mentality platform, you can extract high-value insights tailored to guide your strategies.

By understanding the voices of influencers and nuances of these moments — from the general sentiment to political or cultural undertones — brands can craft messages that not only resonate with audiences but also reinforce their core values. Harnessing these insights ensures that brands remain relevant, empathetic, and impactful in an ever-evolving, increasingly chaotic digital landscape.

About Sightly and Brand Mentality

Sightly is the leader in real-time media, marketing and intelligence, as driven by each brand’s unique perspective, opinions and outcomes. We work with key media, news and social data partners to monitor the information pulse of our world moment by moment. Our award-winning, patented Brand Mentality platform combines this speed with brands’ mindsets and values, so they can make advertising and marketing decisions instantly and authentically without sacrificing ROI. Learn more and master the mayhem at https://www.sightly.com and https://brandmentality.ai.

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