Sightly Announces Tech Industry Veteran Stefan Papp as CTO to Accelerate Technological Growth


Sightly Announces Tech Industry Veteran Stefan Papp as CTO
to Accelerate Technological Growth

February 11, 2021

Former Deloitte Digital and Blab Exec to Drive Brand Mentality™ Expansion

Brand Mentality™ anticipate the unexpected

NEW YORKFeb. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ –Sightly, a leading media services and technology company, today announced the appointment of 30-year tech industry veteran Stefan Papp as Chief Technology Officer to lead growth of the company’s technology and innovative Brand Mentality™ solution. Papp joins Sightly’s executive team with a wealth of tech and business experience.

Papp will lead the vision and strategy for Sightly technology, closely collaborating with business units to craft advanced systems and architecture that facilitate and drive the company’s objectives, especially the rapid expansion of its disruptive Brand Mentality™ platform.

“Marketers rely on us for our data, speed and solutions to expertly react and drive business outcomes reliably and expediently, given the warp speed of today’s world,” said Ralph Mack, Sightly CEO. “As an organization, we’re in an exciting place of innovation and growth right now. Stefan’s extensive experience with real-time analytics at a big-data scale will be a crucial part of our success as we spread Brand Mentality™ throughout the market to broad industry adoption.”

Sightly’s Brand Mentality™ platform combines emotional and social intelligence with Anticipation Software™ to respond moment to moment with true future-forward marketing.

“In today’s turbulent world where information and events happen at an unprecedented pace, Sightly’s technology is fundamentally transforming the way that marketers react and plan,” said Papp. “Our Brand Mentality™ methodology taps into the fire-hose of public discourse, leveraging advanced technologies, to provide brands with the unique and extremely necessary capability to act on real-time insights at speed, while trends still resonate.”

Papp joins Sightly after serving as the senior vice president of advertising technology for Deloitte Digital. Previously, he was the CTO at the pioneering predictive social intelligence platform, Blab. He also held leadership positions at technology companies including AdReady, Intelligent Effects and Solutions IQ.

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Will 2021 Be The Year Of YouTube CTV Advertising?


Will 2021 Be The Year Of YouTube CTV Advertising?

February 4, 2021

eMarketer/Insider Intelligence’s Latest US YouTube Advertising Analyst Report Provides a Deep Dive and Answers

Couple watching YouTube on TV

NEW YORKFeb. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Marketers looking either to extend the reach of TV campaigns across digital video or simply leverage the pandemic-accelerated shift of digital video viewing to connected TV (CTV) screens are finding likely solutions in eMarketer/Insider Intelligence’s most recent “US YouTube Advertising 2020” report and forecast.

From now through March, Sightly, a long-time certified YouTube and Premier Google Premier Partner, and one of only 11 members of the YouTube Measurement Program, is sponsoring the report so all marketers can access the $895 report for free.

The report highlights YouTube’s position as both the most-used digital video platform in the US and the single biggest source of supply in the US for CTV advertising.

It also provides an in-depth look at the shift in YouTube viewership to CTV during 2020. This shift has major implications for outcome-focused marketers looking to extend the reach of TV campaigns or follow their digital video audiences to the so-called “first” screen. 

Key Findings and Take-Aways

  • During 2020, 95.4% of US OTT video viewers watched YouTube at least monthly, surpassing even Netflix (74.9%).
  • In 2020, more than 104 million US households– nearly 81% –had connected TV. This represents an 82% increase from 2016.
  • When people watch YouTube on CTV screens, viewing session lengths are longer compared with other devices. In Q3 2020, YouTube view time on CTV was 7.3 minutes vs. 3.6 minutes on mobile and 5.7 minutes on desktop.

The key implication of the report is the accelerated growth of YouTube viewership on CTV screens opens up an enormous opportunity for both TV and digital video advertisers via the platform and its variety of ad formats that cater to a multitude of campaign goals.

Download a free copy of eMarketer/Insider Intelligence’s “US YouTube Advertising 2020” here.


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