The Low Down on Google Innovations

December 20, 2018

Meet Sightly’s Kristlyn Lyons in this expert Q&A

We sat down with Kristlyn Lyons, our in-house expert on everything related to the latest and greatest coming out of Google for video advertisers.

This is what she had to say:

Q: What is your role here at Sightly?

A: My official title is Director of Business Development and Partnerships. As part of that, I work very closely with our partners at Google to understand their latest offerings in video advertising for our clients, and then in turn, help our clients strategically implement these new capabilities.

Q: Can you explain what it means for Sightly to be a Premier Google Partner, and how this fits into your work?

A: As pioneers in digital video advertising, we are often first to market when it comes to testing Google’s new products. As such, we’ve made it our goal to be the experts and go-to educational resource for any video advertiser on YouTube that wants to understand and strategically implement these innovations. This knowledge sharing (internally and externally) is a large part of my role at Sightly, which requires staying ahead in order to bring new Google products to clients in a strategic way.

Q: What’s a recent innovation or project that you’re proud of?

A: We recently completed a beta using the newly developed Integral Ad Science/YouTube Brand Safety solution with our clients at Horizon Media. We were the first Google partner to pilot this technology, and received a nearly perfect brand safety score as verified by IAS. At a time when brand safety is paramount to all brands using video advertising. This was an accomplishment of which the team was quite proud and the client extremely pleased. We are looking forward to releasing more information about this in the New Year.

Q: What excites you about working at Sightly?

A: Our ability to innovate and push the envelope on behalf of our customers is something that keeps each day exciting. It also helps when you work alongside a group as fun and bright as the Sightly team!

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