Thanksgiving Was the Best Day of ’18 to Reach Shoppers With Video

December 11, 2018

People might shop on Black Friday, but they engage with ads the day before. Black Friday Eve—or, as some call it, Thanksgiving —was the best day of 2018 for advertisers to reach and engage with shoppers. That nugget comes from video ad platform Sightly, which created a report on Black Friday and Cyber Monday insights.

On Thanksgiving, video ads reached a peak number of consumers. Sightly found that 6.3 people out of 10 watched at least 15 seconds of videos ads that were viewable and had the sound on. That 6.3 figure is 32 percent higher than the average for the rest of 2018.

The entire holiday weekend was a win for video marketers. Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, video ads got nearly 25 percent more attention than they did on other days, with nearly 6 out of ever 10 people watching.

With all that viewing, the actual cost per thousand impression that advertisers paid during the week was down this year, with prices reaching the $10 to $13 range. More people watched, so advertisers got more for their money.

“The data clearly indicates that consumers are in fact watching, paying attention, and taking action with video ads,” says Ryan Vaspra, senior vice president of media strategy and analytics at Sightly. “With over $20 billion in consumer spending at stake over Thanksgiving weekend alone, advertisers must be taking advantage of peak shopping days throughout the holiday season strategically.”

Viewer attention to ads dropped down on Cyber Monday, but visits to advertisers’ web sites went up. In fact, visits were up 20 percent compared to the day before Thanksgiving and up 10 percent compared to Sunday. So shoppers make their lists and look for deals starting on Thursday, but by Monday they’re ready to buy.

Sightly’s report isn’t available for download, and was created for internal marketing use.

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