Sightly Opens Two New U.S. Locations, Makes Several New Hires to Serve Expanding Customer Base as Investment in Digital Video Advertising Explodes

July 10, 2018

Performance video advertising and analytics platform Sightly delivers relevant ads to the most receptive YouTube viewers in brand safe content

Sightly, a leading performance video advertising and analytics platform and Premier Google Partner, today announced that the company is opening an office in Chicago and expanding in Los Angeles. The company is adding several new hires to support the increasing demand for video advertising that delivers results and builds brand value. This comes at a time when digital video is poised for robust growth.

eMarketer estimates that in 2018, nearly 2.38 billion people globally will watch digital video content via any device at least once per month, and two-thirds of those viewers, or 1.58 billion people, will watch YouTube at least once per month. As such, it is not surprising that the IAB predicts that digital video ad spending will grow at double digit annual rates through at least 2021 to reach $22.18 billion in the U.S. alone. According to a recently released report from Forrester, the primary driver for this growth is coming from mobile. As U.S. consumers are increasingly shifting their viewing habits toward smartphones and tablets, mobile will account for 72 percent of online video ad growth.

“At a time when digital advertising is at a crossroads, we’re thrilled to see continued growth and momentum in video advertising,” said Larry Harris, CEO, Sightly. “We believe our commitment to transparency, performance branding and ad personalization has allowed us to thrive at a time when many in the digital ad ecosystem are facing hurdles in establishing trust with advertisers. As the YouTube and Google Video Network ad ecosystem grows and evolves, we will continue to help our clients achieve their business goals by efficiently targeting their audience using skippable and 6-second video ads.”

Who uses Sightly?

As consumers turn to digital video, so too do advertisers. In the past year, Sightly has significantly strengthened its customer base with the addition of more than 35 new clients, with exceptional growth in the QSR, Sports & Entertainment, CPG and Retail verticals.

A Leader in Advanced Measurement

Sightly also continues to oversee the successful transition to Ads Data Hub, Google’s measurement solution for YouTube, for all clients.

“Our team has been proactively working with Google and various third party measurement partners around the ADH transition to ensure a seamless transition for clients,” said Kristlyn Lyons, Director of Business Development & Partnerships at Sightly. “One of our top priorities is to stay educated on measurement solutions across the industry and determine if there is an opportunity to develop valuable partnerships to better our business, and achieve greater results for our clients.”

New Talent to Support Innovation and Growth

Along with expansion into Los Angeles and Chicago, Sightly is also pleased to announce the addition of several new team members to service its growing client base. This month, Marissa Rubinfeld joins Sightly as Vice President, Client Services. A former client of Sightly’s, Marissa brings extensive experience in digital and video advertising to her role, having worked at companies such as Eyeview and Horizon Media.

“Trust and transparency are paramount during this time of explosive growth and increased focus on brand safety in video advertising,” said Rubinfeld. “Performance and service are pillars at Sightly, which I experienced firsthand as a former client. I’m excited to support our customers as we continue to grow our client base and innovate within the evolving ecosystem.”

Other notable new hires include: Michele Ching, Senior Director of Sales, West Coast (based in LA); Erin Jensen, Senior Director of Sales (based in Chicago); Ralph Mack, Executive Chairman (based in NYC); Justine Frostad, Senior Director of Marketing (based in NYC); Jacob Miesner, Data Analyst; Christian Williams, Campaign Manager; and Kristlyn Lyons, Director of Business Development & Partnerships (based in NYC).

“Sightly is growing because, from day one, we’ve stayed true to our commitment to outcomes-driven client success,” said Adam Katz, SVP, Sales. “Our growth has been very strategic, and we’ve never taken on business just for the sake of taking on business. The dedication to client success is shared across the entire team and this passion translates into everything we do and our clients definitely feel this.”

“It’s an extremely exciting time here at Sightly,” added Harris. “In welcoming these talented individuals to our expanding team, we’re poised for continued growth and success in the second half of this year and beyond.”

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