Adweek: Stoli Partnered With Universal’s Atomic Blonde to Reintroduce the Vodka to Consumers

August 20, 2017

Charlize Theron stomps around Berlin in stylish garb and giant sunglasses, fights anyone with anything she can—a heel, a fridge door—shoots guns, flips cars, jumps off a balcony, and drinks lots and lots of Stolichnaya vodka in the action film Atomic Blonde. To be exact: Theron asks for Stoli twice, and the brand is placed a total of eight times throughout the film, which premiered on July 28, has already garnered $44 million at the domestic box office, and is still playing in over 3,000 theaters across the country.

Not only is the brand prominently featured in the film, but Stoli’s agency partners—The Martin Agency for creative, Horizon Media for media, Situation Interactive for the Stoli website and Mio for social—created an omnichannel campaign featuring television and digital spots with strategic placements, a Pandora playlist based on the film’s ‘80s soundtrack, and more to “reintroduce” the “heritage” vodka to consumers, explained Michael Ogurick, brand group director for Horizon.


“This was not your spots and dots kind of plan,” said Ogurick. “Everything was very targeted.” For television spots, Horizon worked with Universal to map out placements where the Atomic Blonde trailer would already be and put the Stoli creative, which is edited like a trailer of the film and prominently features Theron, there.

“When we found out that we were going to be able to use Charlize’s likeness in the ads we were like, ‘This is a huge win for us,’” said Ogurick.

Horizon also placed the spots with high-energy entertainment (UFC, American Ninja Warrior, WWE, etc.) and celebrity shows (Entertainment Tonight).

As for digital placement, Horizon partnered with video ad platform Sightly, a targeting partner of YouTube, to “drive very qualified viewers to pre-roll spots,” said Ogurick. To do that they used data to find consumers who had “historical Charlize Theron enthusiasm” or like “cocktail videos” or “action movie enthusiasts,” which resulted in more than 9 million views and over 23 million impressions.

Horizon also partnered with Pandora and built a custom station based on the film’s ‘80s soundtrack, which has seen over 31,000 total listeners resulting in over 16,000 hours of listening, according to the agency.

Other executions include out of home, a partnership with Playboy, and print and digital ads in automotive, fashion and celebrity magazines.

This Adweek article was written by: Kristina Monllos

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