Mobile Video: Get Your Growth Engine in Gear

August 07, 2017

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Back in 2012, consumers spent 1 hour, 28 minutes a day with their mobile device, according to eMarketer. In 2017, that figure is three hours, 15 minutes. Consumers check their smartphone more than 9 billion times per day and increasingly do so while engaged in other activities, such as watching television. One study shows 89 percent of consumers reporting simultaneous use of the TV and smartphone.  

A century of advertising norms around American viewing culture have been upended by mobile devices. Still, mobile usage has been a strong complement to other media. The genre represents a massive opportunity for marketers and broadcasters alike. The key is in leveraging performance video. Here’s how.

Adjust to the culture of mobile viewing

Millennials and GenZers are adopting new patterns of viewing. 95% of GenZ watches YouTube and 50% say they can’t live without it. When they do watch TV, they tend to binge watch. A recent Deloitte study showed that 40% of Millennials and GenZers binge watch weekly. Such bingeing often occurs on ad-free subscription services like Netflix.

The culture of mobile viewing is also the culture of on-demand content. The same principle of on-demand applies to ads, too. Through delivering consumers ads they wish to see, you increase relevancy. And relevancy is a key aspect of the culture of mobile viewing.

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Turn mobile best practices into an ad growth engine 

Mobile viewing provides a more personalized, customized experience for the user. This is the key opportunity to tap into, because personalization is increasingly considered a basic expectation of viewers.

Performance video ads unlock this personalization power. And, in doing so, boost consideration and brand awareness by 57% and 65%, respectively. Combined with precision targeting, performance ads can help advertisers turn mobile viewing into a growth engine.

Mobile best practices

Viewability and delivering short ads (skippable, and 6-second non-skippable bumper ads) are crucial to success in mobile. Additionally, mobile ads must become much better at cross-screen or simul-screen advertising than is currently the case.

Increasingly, people are not differentiating between devices when it comes watching videos. They seek the on-demand content they wish to have, when they wish to have it. Ads must deliver cross-platform, and be relevant, in order to be successful.