5 Ways Performance Video Connects Brands with Local Audiences

June 02, 2017

You’ve heard it before: all advertising is local.

 In-Sightly Local Advertising.jpg

The choices people make about what they buy, attend, watch and enjoy are done through the prism of their zip code. Even in the digital age, which has knocked down commerce borders and expanded media reach, people continue to see the world from the perspective of where they’re geographically located.

Whether you’re a small business, a regional entity, or a major brand, connecting with consumers on the local level is how you thrive. While digital advertising as a whole grows annually on the local level – accounting for 13.5% of the local pie this year – one facet in particular has unique benefits: performance video.  Here is how:

  1. Brands can amplify a buy for a single buyer by narrowcasting ads at scale. Performance video enables a local advertiser to pinpoint a person most receptive to receiving the video ad, and, simultaneously, deliver messaging pertinent to their location or where they are in the purchase funnel. Get the reach you want WITH messaging relevance.
  1. You can target the person in the context of location and Version the ad for both zip code and persona. –Whether it’s Soccer Moms in Spokane or Millennials in Minneapolis, performance video ads can be targeted based on Google first party segments and layer in persona and location. Hit campaign KPIs by targeting real people in real places.
  1. Pinpointing across devices provides an extra benefit to local campaigns. Cross-platform ads are massive at the local level – there are more devices than television. Target people locally across devices.
  1. Advertisers can optimize campaigns for local performance.Performance video enables unique local optimization in two ways. First, you can pinpoint those areas most receptive to your advertising and optimize for the local market. And, you can further optimize messaging and offer to appeal to the locals you’re targeting. The result? You achieve both place AND context
  2. Local campaigns enjoy the same performance verifications applied to national buys. Moat, Nielsen and MillwardBrown Digital are just a few third-party entities that ensure local ad placement targeting accuracy via performance video. Local campaign performance metrics are embedded and verified.

Remember: ad personalization is a basic expectation of consumers today. Through using performance video to target locally and to the individual, you go beyond personalization to deliver content to your desired audience that is more meaningful to them in their daily, local life.