YouTube on the Wall in Your Living Room

May 23, 2017

Remember when YouTube was something you watched on your laptop in front of the TV? Or on your iPad in a hotel room? Or when it seemed that anything you wanted to stream needed to be viewed on traditional computing devices?

No more.

The latest data from Google indicates usage of platform is up on actual televisions. That’s right, people are increasingly watching YouTube on TV – twice as many as last year, according to their data.

Smart TVs have enabled consumers to expand what they’re watching beyond cable and broadcast networks. They aren’t trading in TVs for iPad viewing; they’re simply expanding the content they enjoy on a TV, according to a new YouTube analysis.

Capturing the YouTube audience via TV has upside for advertisers. But – as you know – you can’t apply the traditional broadcast advertising model to YouTube – even if it’s being viewed “on the wall.” A performance-based approach via TrueView can enable advertisers to narrowcast at scale – so you get the precision of digital targeting with the reach you need to impact your target audience.

Here are some ideas on how you can activate advertising for via YouTube on the wall in the living room:

  • Personalize Prime Time: YouTube viewing on TV peaks around prime time – just like traditional television1. Personalize TrueView advertising and deliver it at scale for the prime time audience.
  • Work the Crowd: People are two times as likely to watch YouTube with others on a TV screen compared to mobile or desktop screens2. Target by personas based on Google first-party segments – whether you want a soccer mom or a millennial, YouTube can deliver your exclusive audience – even as they’re gathered around.
  • Keep Your Campaign Working on the Weekend: Watch time of YouTube content on TV peaks during the weekend3. Use optimization techniques to ensure your campaign keeps working even when the office is closed.


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