4 Digital Video Techniques Retailers Must Deploy this Holiday Season


4 Digital Video Techniques Retailers Must Deploy this Holiday Season

December 15, 2016

Since inception, the metaphor for the web has been print. We read pages and the most popular social network in the world calls itself a book.

Over the past few years, that mental classification has given way as video has emerged as the primary form of Internet-based media. U.S. digital video ad spending will see double-digit growth annually through 20201.U.S. adults spend about five and a half hours every day consuming video content and more and more of that is happening on digital devices2. YouTube in particular reaches 60% of the U.S. online video viewers, according to comScore, which is far more than videos on Facebook (37%) or Twitter (10%).

Though any industry can benefit from using video to market themselves, retail in particular is a good fit. That’s because retail is increasingly becoming a multichannel experience. The NRF reports that during Thanksgiving weekend, 44% of shoppers went online and 40% shopped in-store3, indicating that many view retail as an omnichannel experience. Further, 56% of smartphone owners and 53% of tablet owners used their devices to assist with weekend shopping activities3.

Sightly Social Media Thanksgiving

Here is what every retailer needs to do to take full advantage of digital video this holiday season to drive both online and in-store sales:

  1. Re-target shoppers within a mile of a brick-and-mortar store by spending a shopping reminder with :06 bumper ads
  2. Also use :06 bumper ads to re-target shoppers within a mile of home or work with an e-commerce reminder
  3. Drive results by placing an Adword pixel on e-tailer websites for retargeting and remarketing on YouTube
  4. Personalize videos to test and evolve the best offers or featured products during a campaign

With good strategy, digital video – and YouTube, in particular – can unlock unique targeting capabilities to boost both online and in-store shopping.

Wishing you a successful sales season!

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Sightly Expands Leadership Team and Opens Los Angeles Office


Sightly Expands Leadership Team and Opens Los Angeles Office

December 14, 2016

Sightly, a performance video advertising platform that leverages People-Centered Audience Targeting™ to deliver personalized ads to the most receptive viewers in YouTube, announced today that it expanded its leadership team and its number of offices. The company promoted Adam Katz to Vice President of Sales in New York, and hired Jill Gutierrez, Senior Account Executive, in Los Angeles.

Digital video viewing is widespread in the U.S. According to eMarketer, by 2020, there will be 232.1 million digital video viewers, representing 83.1% of the country’s internet users and nearly two-thirds of its residents. Sightly focuses on helping video advertisers accurately target their viewing audiences and achieve maximum ROI.

“Video advertising is evolving rapidly, more media buyers are searching for strategies and technologies that will help them hit their KPIs. Adam has been at the forefront of this video advertising evolution, and in his new role at Sightly he will be an asset to any customer that wants to leverage video to connect with their audience,” said Larry Harris, Chief Strategy Officer at Sightly.“And Jill has a terrific track record of helping agencies and brands meet their goals programmatically that fits perfectly with our team’s focus on helping customers bring their media plans to life and exceed their campaign KPI’s.”

“Prior to joining the company, I was on Sightly’s advisory board for a year. That experience gave me the opportunity to witness the unique way precision targeted personalized video increases relevance and drives performance,” commented Mr. Katz. “I am thrilled to be a part of the leadership team at Sightly and I’m looking forward to continuously delivering video advertising value to agencies and brands.”

According to the IAB, total digital video, including mobile and desktop, rose to $3.9 billion in HY 2016, up 51% from $2.6 billion in HY 2015. The traction of digital video in the advertising industry is also underscored in a study from marketing agency Strata1 who reported that, in August 2016, 68.6% of respondents expressed some level of confidence in video ad ROI, up from 54% in November 2015.

Ms. Gutierrez comes to the company with more than a decade of experience across a variety of media and advertising disciplines at digital companies AOL, Kiosked and Steelhouse. “I am excited about demonstrating the power of our data-driven approach to media buyers,” said Ms. Gutierrez, who will be reporting to Mr. Katz.

A Sightly veteran, Mr. Katz opened the New York office and helped develop the company’s go-to-market strategy. Before joining Sightly, Mr. Katz was the first-to-market enterprise executive at Nomi, where he helped the company break into the QSR and retail verticals in advance of its acquisition by Brickstream. He also worked on business development teams at PubMatic and Yahoo!.

For more information, visit www.sightly.com

About Sightly

Founded in 2013, Sightly is a performance video advertising platform that enables brands and agencies to deliver the most relevant messages to the most receptive viewers across every device on YouTube and other video destinations. Our TargetView™ software combines our proprietary People-Centered Audience Targeting™ with dynamic ad personalization, campaign management automation and innovative optimization data science to deliver audience and performance KPI’s across the entire customer journey. Learn more at www.sightly.com.

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