Personalized Video Ads: The Art of Being Relevant

August 10, 2016

Video ad personalization can boost response rates by as much as 200%.

In other words, “version-izing” online video commercials for each of your line items—locations, personas, product offers, etc.—greatly increases the relevance of your message, engages viewers and gets them to act.

Fast & Easy Version-izing

New technology allows you to cost-effectively create “master” commercials with variable elements in them and then produce hundreds of versions with text, graphics, photos—even video clips—specific to each line.
Variable elements can include:

  • Addresses,
  • Maps,
  • Photos of storefronts or retail locations,
  • Pictures of managers or agents,
  • Deals/offers/specials and calls to action,
  • Affinities such as licensed sports team logos,
  • Different products for different regions or personas, or
  • Different spokespersons for different personas, etc.

Edward_Jones_YouTube_AdIn the example shown here, the variable elements in the frame at this point in the video commercial include the photo and name of the local financial advisor, the location name and phone number, and the offer/call to action over the video frame.

Of course, once you’ve personalized your video ads, you need to deliver them to those locations and customer segments precisely and cost-effectively. (We call this “hyper-targeted delivery.”)


Imagine the Possibilities for you Brand

This technology is ushering in new creative opportunities for brand marketers and their agencies, such as being able to:

  • Easily and cost-effectively A/B test different creative and offers,
  • Run different deals/specials at different times of day or swap them out across all locations weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.,
  • Count down days to the end of a promotion, a holiday or other event,
  • Feature different products or services in different locations based on inventory, manufacturer incentives, climate, culture, popularity, etc.

View Some Personalized Clips

Take a look at this short reel with a few clips of personalized video ads we’ve produced:



Get a handy list of the four high-level steps we follow to personalize your video ads plus, get the four best practices for creating online commercials that drive personalization.