How Smart Media Planners & Brand Managers Do Video

July 25, 2016

Most agencies and brands are still way more comfortable with planning TV ad campaigns than online video ad campaigns. Let’s face it, TV has been king forever; video is the upstart.

But as more and more big dollars shift from single to multi-screen, savvy planners and managers are learning to help their brands leverage the huge advantages of video.

It all starts with strategy

Video advertising strategy for media planners and brand managersHow do you approach a video campaign different than a TV campaign? First, recognize the reasons why the dollars are shifting:

  • Exponentially better audience targeting
  • Integrated dynamic ad personalization
  • Quantum leap geo-targeting capabilities
  • Goldmine-rich data, including actual number of views and watch time

…just to name a few.

We’ve packaged up all the strategic considerations for video advertising in this sweet infographic entitled, Strategic Eye Command – Video Ad Strategy For Media Professionals & Brand Managers