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    The L-Factor rules.

    Be more relevant—connect with your customers on their turf and increase response as much as 200%.

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    You have them at hello.

    Increase engagement—personalize your ads and campaigns, and aim them precisely at customers’ interests and desires.

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    Recognize opportunity—the audience is shifting. 196 million U.S. now watch more than 50 billion videos & 35 billion ads each month.

L-Factor Advertisers

L stands for—you guessed it—LOCAL. And L-Factor advertisers are companies with one location or many that have regional, national or global focuses—but their customers buy their services or products locally. If you are a L-Factor advertiser, local video is an opportunity for you to:

  • Strengthen your brand by localizing and personalizing it through connections to familiar people and places,
  • Drive more in-store purchases with actionable offers and deals, and
  • Grow your company by developing new locations and markets.

Agencies and Partners

Agencies, industry specialists and service companies that provide marketing and advertising for L-Factor Businesses have strategic insights and skills that help enable successful local video ad campaigns for the benefit of their clients.

If you are an agency or service provider then local video advertising is an opportunity for you to:

  • Keep clients that might leave for another agency or partner,
  • Generate new revenue, by selling local video advertising programs and/or creating the ads for those programs,
  • Generate incremental revenue from other services you provide clients due to the lift and improved results provided by complementary video ad campaigns, and
  • Get new clients, particularly from competitors.


Sightly’s intelligent Localize-Advertise-Optimize system learns which ad versions, networks and ad units work best for your target audiences.

  • Dynamic Localized Creative

    Using your creative assets, we create video ads personalized for each audience segment and then dynamically localize them to boost relevancy and response

  • Single Point Access

    As Google’s only local video partner, we empower easy access to YouTube as well as other video, mobile, and social networks that support video advertising

  • Hyper-Local Campaigns

    Get your localized messages seen by those customers in the area where they have the biggest impact — whether it’s citywide or as nearby as a one-mile radius

  • Programmatic Media Buying

    Micro-target your viewers then bid and buy precisely focused media real-time. Economically test creative and offers to run high performance ads and campaigns

  • Transparent Tracking

    Track your ad views, clicks and conversions across locations, by region or country. Establish benchmarks and view results as they occur or through custom reports

  • Intelligent Optimization

    Self-learning campaigns amass audience intelligence across your locations to optimize bids, target groups and media spend — automatically driving maximum

Who We Are

Sightly is pioneering video advertising technology that allows brands, local businesses and their marketing partners to dynamically personalize ads and deliver hyper-local, micro-targeted campaigns across multiple screens through YouTube, Google and other video, mobile and social networks.

Sightly’s platform enables scalable personalization of video ads by automatically inserting localized content, significantly increasing relevancy and response rates. It also reaches all screens with single point programmatic access to multiple ad networks, providing the largest and most effective inventory in the market. And it delivers scalable campaign management through features like automated bidding, budget allocation

and target audience refinements that enable efficiencies that are impossible to achieve manually.

Sightly’s proprietary technology is fueled by local big data to optimize ad content, campaign delivery and audience targeting, providing the most effective full-funnel solution for local brand awareness and customer acquisition.

We are a rare collection of marketing experts, creative technologists and data geeks with a shared vision of helping all local businesses easily and affordably deliver highly relevant messages to their target audiences, forever changing how we view and interact with advertising.


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